Our conviction is that the State draws its strength from its institutions, from the unity and cohesion of its national components. These are precisely the assets we use to defend our country in the face of Adversity, crises, threats.

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist him, addressed a speech to the Nation on Friday evening on the occasion of the 68th anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People. Here is the full text of the Royal Discourse: “Praise be to God, Prayer and greetings to the Prophet, His family and His companions. Dear people, The commemoration of the Revolution of the King and of the people is a privileged occasion for our Nation to remember with exaltation of the values ​​of sacrifice and loyalty which enabled it to reconnect with freedom and independence.More than a historical event frozen in time, this Revolution, always in constant regeneration, never ceases to inspire generations of citizens, genuine love of the country and, by natural corollary, the ardor to defend the country, its institutions, its sacred symbols. This celebration, which takes place a few days before the next elections, coincides with the launch of a new generation reforms and projects, provided for in the framework of the implementation of the Development Model and the National Development Pact. expected maturity attests to the rootedness of democratic practice in our country and confirms the level of maturity of the Moroccan political system. Dear people, The elections, far from being an end in themselves, constitute a lever for the establishment of credible institutions whose vocation is to serve the general interest, to plead national causes. In fact, our conviction is that the State draws its strength from its institutions, from the unity and cohesion of its national components. These are precisely the assets we use to defend our country in the face of Adversity, crises and threats. This esprit de corps is palpable in the face of methodical attacks which Morocco has recently been the target of by certain countries and organizations notoriously hostile to our nation. Morocco is targeted because it has been a fully constituted state for more than twelve centuries, in addition to a long Amazigh history, and that for more than four centuries it has been governed by a citizen monarchy, presiding over the country’s destiny and shaping it in a total symbiosis between the Throne and the people. Morocco is also targeted for its security and stability, these particularly precious goods in these times of convulsions and upheavals that are shaking the world. Nevertheless, Morocco’s good reputation, its indisputable place in the concert of nations, as well as its large and dense relational network, make it a trustworthy country and give it solid credibility at the regional and international scales. Dear people, Morocco, like certain countries of the Arab Maghreb, faces a deliberate and premeditated aggression. Clinging to pre-established positions and obsolete considerations, the enemies of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity do not want Morocco to remain the free, strong and influential nation that it has always been. In addition, some countries, in particular European countries which, paradoxically, are among Morocco’s traditional partners, fear for their economic interests, their markets and their spheres of influence in the Maghreb region. Some of their leaders do not yet understand that the problem does not lie in the regimes of the countries of the great Maghreb, but in theirs, always tinged with a backwardness hopelessly resistant to the evolutions of time. Moreover, the last few months have revealed that these countries are experiencing a weakening of respect for state institutions and its main traditional missions. Thus, they would like us to be shaped in their image and, to undermine the respectability of our national institutions, to undermine their authority, they accuse them of flouting rights and freedoms and, to this end, deploy fallacious arguments against them. They do not want to admit that the rules of the game have changed, that, from now on, our countries are fully capable of managing their affairs, of developing their resources and their potential, in the best interests of our peoples. Also, and with the intention of precipitating Morocco into a spiral of problems and conflicts with certain countries, all kinds of resources, legitimate and illegitimate, have been mobilized, with a distribution of roles and the deployment of impressive devices. affecting. Moreover, rather than supporting Morocco’s efforts within the framework of a desired balance between the countries of the region, reports have crossed all the limits of what is acceptable, going so far as to recommend that the dynamic of development of our country, for the captious reason that it creates an asymmetry between the Maghreb States. In the same spirit, the artisans of this undermining work have orchestrated a vast campaign of denigration against our security institutions. They are thus trying to strike a blow at their high level of control and their effectiveness in preserving the security and stability of Morocco. They seek thereby to cast a shadow over the support and coordination effort that they ensure for the benefit of our regional and international environment, as some of these countries admit. But in everything, bad luck is good: by their actions, the enemies of our territorial integrity only strengthen the faith and determined commitment of Moroccans to tirelessly defend the Fatherland and its superior interests. In this regard, We affirm that we are determined to resolutely stay the course, no offense to annoyed adversaries and envious people consumed by the hatred for our country. Dear people, Some people claim that Morocco is thus assailed because it would have changed its political and strategic orientation, as well as its modus operandi in the treatment of certain diplomatic questions. It is not so. Morocco has indeed changed, but not in the direction desired by its detractors. He has changed because he does not accept that his best interests are being abused. Correspondingly, it endeavors to establish solid, constructive and balanced relations, in particular with neighboring countries. It is this same logic that governs our choices in the relationship we currently have with our neighbor Spain. Admittedly, these relations recently went through an unprecedented crisis which strongly shaken mutual trust and raised several questions about their future. Nevertheless, we have worked with the Spanish side, in the greatest calm, the most complete clarity and a spirit of responsibility. In fact, today, We are committed to strengthening the classic foundations that underlie these relations, through a joint understanding of the interests of our two neighboring countries. Moreover, I personally and directly followed the dialogue process as well as the evolution of the discussions. The goal was not only to find a way out of this crisis, but also to seize the opportunity to redefine the bases and the parameters which govern these relations. With sincere optimism, We express the wish to continue to work with the Spanish government and its President, His Excellency Pedro Sanchez, in order to inaugurate an unprecedented step in the relations between our two countries. From now on, these will have to be based on trust, transparency, mutual consideration and respect for commitments. The same spirit underlies the relations of partnership and solidarity between Morocco and France, underpinned by the solid relations of friendship and mutual esteem which unite Me with its President, His Excellency Emmanuel Macron. Dear people, If in the past, the Revolution of the King and the people constituted a historic turning point for Morocco in its quest for freedom and independence, today opens before us a new stage where sincere patriotism is required to meet internal and external challenges. This is an opportunity for us to pray for the salvation of the brave martyrs of the Fatherland, in the forefront of which, the hero of the liberation, Our August Grandfather, the late His Majesty King Mohammed V and his companion in the struggle, Our Venerable Father, the late His Majesty King Hassan II, may God have them in His holy mercy. Wassalamou alaikoum warahmatoullahi wabarakatouh “.