What does the rupture of Morocco-Algeria relations really mean? Ahmed Faouzi's response

If the breakdown of relations expresses a serious crisis between the two countries, relations other than diplomatic relations should not be affected, unless Algeria decides to go further in exacerbating tensions. Médias24: What does the rupture mean in diplomatic language? Ahmed Faouzi: The breakdown of relations between two countries means the total cessation of all diplomatic contact between them. It usually comes as a result of an incident that has not been resolved through diplomatic channels. The breakdown of relations is the most advanced stage of diplomatic crises. If we can make a classification of the degree of seriousness of a diplomatic crisis, the summons of the ambassador to communicate the protest to him, comes as the first step. It is followed by the recall of its own ambassador, which Algeria has also done. The breakdown of bilateral relations, for its part, expresses the most serious form of diplomatic crises. -What about Moroccan nationals in Algeria and Algerian nationals in Morocco, knowing that Algeria has announced that its consular affairs will work normally? -The Vienna convention which governs international relations, in its articles 45 and 46, stipulates not to touch the diplomatic premises and to continue consular affairs to serve the nationals of the two countries, normally. Morocco, even in 1975, when Algeria had expelled 350,000 Moroccan nationals following the Green March, did not touch the Algerians residing in Morocco. – Should we expect consequences on economic relations? -A break in diplomatic relations does not mean the end of trade. But on the other hand, the economic relations between Morocco and Algeria are insignificant. There is no risk to fear for the Moroccan economy. Intra-Maghreb trade relations do not exceed 4% of the global trade of these countries. Even when Algerians want to import from Morocco, they usually go through the ports of Marseille or Barcelona, ​​so 60 km separate Oujda from Tlemcen. -Can overhead lines be affected? -For the moment, there is no Algerian announcement in this direction. In principle, the breakdown of relations only affects diplomatic aspects. – Exactly, how will the contacts between Moroccan and Algerian diplomats be behind the scenes of international organizations from now on? -There will be no diplomatic contact. The breakdown of relations means the suppression of all forms of diplomatic relations. -The Arab summit is planned soon in Algiers. Can Morocco’s participation be compromised? -With this new situation, the Arab League should normally find a neutral country to organize this summit. An Arab summit is supposed to unite and it cannot be organized in a country which is severed from relations with another Arab country. -How do you think the great powers will react? -The great powers have repeatedly expressed their wish to see borders open and relations normalized. They want to see a Maghreb cooperation to face the challenges of terrorism and migration. They can only deplore this situation which poses new risks to the region. -A new escalation towards armed conflict, is it likely? -In any case, we don’t want to. It would be catastrophic for the two countries, the two peoples, for the whole region and for the world. In a region that is experiencing great instability in the Sahel and Libya, with armed groups circulating there, we cannot afford to add another conflict of this size. -In its press release, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry declared that “Morocco will remain a credible and loyal partner for the Algerian people”. What meaning does this statement carry? – This means that in the dispute between our country and the military regime in Algeria, Morocco has nothing to reproach the brotherly Algerian people. This means that the hand extended by Morocco is sincere and will remain so for the good of the Algerian people. -Matches of the Algerian football selection are scheduled in Morocco, under the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup. Can they be affected? -No, all relations of type other than diplomatic, should not be affected. Algeria announces the breakdown of relations with Morocco and further escalates tension in the region Yahya Benabdellah August 25, 2021 at 2:19 p.m. Modified August 25, 2021 at 2:45 p.m.