What hides Algeria's rupture of diplomatic relations with Morocco

Algeria’s severance of diplomatic relations with Morocco is an unfriendly act that betrays Algiers’ desire to export its internal crises, observers and political analysts were unanimous in stressing. In statements to the MAP, these political scientists noted that this decision, underpinned by chimerical justifications, mortgages and jeopardizes the interests of the Maghreb peoples, just as it reflects the debacle in which the Algerian regime is floundering. Thus, the expert in international relations, Mohamed Tajeddine Houssaini, considered that this decision is a “long awaited step” in particular with the multiplication, in recent weeks, of hostile acts of the Algerian regime towards the Moroccan authorities, by advancing fanciful motives, including accusations of involvement in the forest fires in Algeria. In this sense, he noted that the accumulation of fallacious Algerian accusations against Morocco has occurred on a recurring basis, with the culmination of Algiers’ decision to recall its ambassador to Rabat. For this political scientist and expert in international relations, the Algerian military regime has a habit of always looking for an external enemy, in order to externalize its problems and justify its shortcomings and actions, even going so far as to invent “totally incredible stories”. . For his part, the academician and political analyst, Mohamed Bouden, indicated that the decision of the Algerian authorities to sever relations with Morocco is an unfriendly act, contrary to the will of the peoples of the Greater Maghreb aspiring to realize the Maghreb dream, adding that this decision of Algiers, which was expected due to the deterioration of relations between the two countries for years, constitutes a great obstacle to common action in the region. He stressed, in this regard, that this decision goes against the logic of common history, religion, language and other common factors and backs the region, adding that it also confirms that the Algerian regime is incapable of developing the contours of a successful foreign policy. For years, Morocco was keen to engage in a fruitful dialogue with Algeria and was a pioneer in inviting Algerian officials to it, but it remained reluctant to respond and did not appreciate these efforts, he said. explained, regretting that she preferred to opt for the status quo. The Algerian authorities are neither serious nor ready to initiate a dialogue which requires a lot of realism and constructive efforts with non-interference in the internal affairs of Morocco, he noted, noting that Algeria, which has never ceased to assert that it had no relation to the question of the Moroccan Sahara, did not content itself with announcing its position, but it put its diplomacy and its media at the service of what harms the first national cause of the Kingdom, thus hurting the feelings of the Moroccan people. As for the political scientist Abdelaziz Kerraky, he affirmed that Algeria’s unilateral decision to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco confirms that the political power in place in this country considers the Kingdom as an “eternal enemy”. This hostility that the Algerian leaders have never ceased to fuel and show towards Morocco has turned over time into a “phobia”, leading the political power in Algeria to seek by all means to sabotage the Kingdom and to undermine its territorial integrity and the choices of the Moroccan people, ignoring the common history and the principles of good neighborliness and fraternity which were to unite the two countries, underlined the academic. Recalling that Algeria sponsored the leaders of the Polisario and welcomed them on its territory, he indicated that it also contributed to the kidnapping of several Sahrawi families through the use of violence or even the kidnapping of their children. and mobilized the wealth and land of the Algerian people to serve the separatists’ agenda. And the vice-dean of the law faculty of Souissi in Rabat to continue that the political decision in Algeria is dictated by the logic of the generals, namely a purely military logic. For his part, the political scientist Khalid Fathi, affirmed that the unilateral and unjustified decision of the Algerian regime to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco “mortgages the interests of the Maghreb peoples and destroys their hopes for unity and complementarity through the creation fallacious arguments in order to perpetuate the rupture between the two countries and to hamper the implementation of the Arab Maghreb Union ”. Mr. Fathi, who was the guest of the Moroccan radio news “RIM RADIO”, noted that the regime in Algiers, which is under enormous internal pressure while the “Hirak” is in its second year, has completely lost. reason and was forced to make an imaginary external enemy to camouflage his great fiasco in the management of all internal affairs, of which the crisis induced by the pandemic of the new coronavirus was the most recent. He specified that the Algerian people are themselves witness to the stumbling of the regime and call for its departure from power, through its continuous protest movement, stressing that the brotherly Algerian people are fully aware that they have paid dearly for the support of the government. Algeria at the front of the “polisario”, knowing that the billions deployed by the regime to create a puppet entity should be invested in the development of Algeria and the prosperity of its people. AC-IH.