the Court of Auditors calls on political parties to provide the accounts of electoral campaigns

Now that the September 8 elections are behind us, and as provided by law, the Court of Auditors will scrutinize the accounts and control election expenses. It is in this sense that political parties are required to file their accounts relating to the electoral campaign of September 8, 2021, and this within the time limits prescribed by law, namely 60 days from the date of announcement of the final results. This was made clear to them in a press release published by the institution on Tuesday, September 14. “In accordance with the provisions of article 147 of the Constitution, which confers on the Court of Auditors the mission of verifying the regularity of the expenditure of electoral operations, and in application of organic law n ° 27.11 relating to the chamber of representatives and Organic Law No. 59.11 relating to the election of members of the councils of local authorities, the Court of Auditors reminds the representatives of the lists of candidatures or candidates, who have the obligation to account for their electoral campaigns (state of sources of financing, inventory of electoral expenses and annexes), the filing of their accounts with the Court within 60 days, from the date of the official announcement of the final results of the election of September 8, 2021 ”, indicates the Court of Audit. ALSO READ: Elections of September 8: constituencies to watch closely The political parties are thus invited to produce the accounts of the electoral campaigns with the Court of Auditors, on the occasion of the election of September 8, 2021. For this reason, The Court of Auditors has made a digital platform available to those concerned for the filing of their dedicated accounts: