Film school opens in Mosul

A Cinema department will be set up at the Mosul School of Fine Arts, in partnership with the Ghent Theater (Belgium), as part of the reconstruction of the Iraqi city financed by Unesco, have announced Friday the two partner institutions. This is to allow twenty Iraqi students to follow from the fall a course of four months which will teach them the process leading “from an idea to a successful film”, they said in a statement. The project is supported by Swiss director Milo Rau, artistic director of the Ghent Theater (NTGent), one of the major European drama scenes. Milo Rau has already traveled several times since 2016 to the war-torn Iraqi north to work there. The city of Mosul is a former stronghold of the Islamic State group, liberated in 2017, but which is largely in ruins. In 2019, in his play “Orestes in Mosul”, Milo Rau transposed Aeschylus’ Greek tragedy into a story that confronts Iraqis with questions of homosexuality and misogyny. The play involving local actors was performed at the Mosul Cultural Center. “Helping to create a Cinema department in Mosul might seem exceptional for a European theater scene”, but “it is the logical extension of a collaboration which has lasted for years” and will continue, affirmed the director, cited in the press release. Several Belgian actors and film professionals will participate in the training course. The first of the four trips scheduled on site is scheduled for October. This “structural collaboration” which starts between the two Belgian and Iraqi institutions is part of a vast Unesco project (“Revive the Spirit of Mosul”) which also relates to the reconstruction of churches and mosques. . The UN body based in Paris launched this initiative in 2018. Innovation Samsung Electronics Co. has announced that it has signed a partnership with the Louvre in Paris to enrich the selection of works of art offered by its TV The Frame, reports the Yonhap news agency on Friday. By virtue of this partnership, owners of a Samsung The Frame television set will now be able to admire no less than 40 large works exhibited at the Louvre, including Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa through the Art Store, operating on subscription. The Art Store, currently only available on The Frame, offers more than 1,500 works of art by 600 artists from 42 countries. The South Korean tech giant has already entered into partnerships with the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia, and the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain. Literature “La langue maudite” is the title of Madi Belem’s first book, which has just been published by Le Fennec editions on the occasion of the literary re-entry in September 2021. According to a press release from the publishing house, this 192-page novel “opens with a cry of despair” brought by the author on the reality of the literary world. “At the beginning, I am not a writer. It is my father who is. He writes in a country where one does not read. In Morocco, one does not read! Or rather one does not read any more. remember hearing him say, one day, about this, when I was still a child: Now that they have thoroughly stupefied the masses, we find ourselves collecting it, we writers… “, Belem wrote on the back cover. of his work. Born in Rabat in 1990, Madi Belem is the son of the professor of Arabic linguistics, novelist and publisher, Driss Belemlih. It was the latter who gave him a taste for art, cinema and writing. After having followed the courses Florent, Belem turns in a first film, Le Convoi, by Frédéric Schoendoerffer and in the series Baron noir, on Canal +. In 2018, he won the first prize for male interpretation at the Agadir Film Festival. He was also a finalist for the Arab Literature Prize 2020 News | Weekend files | Special elections | The dunces of the countryside | Libé + Summer | Summer Special | Retrospective 2010 | World | Company | Regions | Horizons | Economy | Culture | Sport | Foam of the day | Maintenance | Archives | Video | Expresso | In all Libé | Info | People | Editorial | Post Scriptum | Ticket | Rebounds | High-tech | Seen from here | Scalpel | Literary Chronicle | Ticket | Portrait | Day to day | Edito | On the spot | RETROSPECTIVE 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE ECO 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE USFP 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE SPORT 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE CULTURE 2020 | SOCIETY RETROSPECTIVE 2020 | WORLD RETROSPECTIVE 2020