A Moroccan student vice-champion of the Arab Reading Challenge

Moroccan student Sara Daif was crowned vice-champion of the Arab Reading Challenge for the year 2020. According to a press release from the Ministry of National Education, the Vocational training, higher education and scientific research, the student who continues his studies in the second year of the baccalaureate in physical sciences at the qualifying high school Ibn Soulaiman Arroudani (Academy of Souss-Massa), came in second place behind Abdallah Abu Khalaf (Jordan). The award ceremony, organized recently, was marked by a tribute paid to Mr. Khalid Labkiri, president of the Regional Center for Documentation, Animation and Educational Production at AREF Dakhla-Oued Eddahab, in his capacity. supervising participants from this region in the qualifying rounds of the competition, in addition to the participation of the Saada school in Taza in the final phase. The press release highlights the remarkable Moroccan participation in this event, all sectors combined, during the five editions of the competition, going from 511 to 9,726 establishments and 253,789 students in 2015 (including 16,590 having completed the reading of 50 books) to 1,584. 825 in the last edition, of which 83,018 completed the reading and the summary of 50 works each. Morocco adheres to this cultural and educational project carried out by the United Arab Emirates since 2015 (the Kingdom won the title of 2018), the statement noted. Qualifications go through three phases, namely educational institutions, provincial directorates and regional academies of education and training, in addition to the national qualifiers, then the final phase at the international level
National Library The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco (BNRM) announced Thursday the opening, from Friday September 24, of its registration service to all students and researchers, in the limit of 50% of its reception capacities. In a statement made public, the BNRM specifies, however, that its activities and other services will not resume until October 4. The Library also urges visitors to respect the health measures intended to curb the spread of the pandemic, in particular the obligation to wear a mask within the premises of the institution, respect for physical distancing and hygiene rules. and security. Scholarship program The 1st edition of the “Female caricature scholarship program”, organized by “Hiber associatioon for teaching and empowerment”, will be held from October 3 to November 28, with the aim of supporting and developing skills of the future generation of Moroccan cartoonists. This program, which is funded by the Heinrich Böll-Maroc Foundation, with the support of the American Language Center in Casablanca, was developed with a view to strengthening the skills of participants to assert themselves in caricature at the local and international levels and thus become defenders of the issue of gender and equality, the association said in a statement posted on its website. This training, which is fully funded for the benefit of all the selected participants will be spread over two months, according to the press release which adds that 4 workshops were scheduled face-to-face, while 13 others will be held at the same time remotely on the various digital platforms (in particular the program website), to maintain a link with the participants and provide them with the support and resources they need Friday September 24, 2021 News | Weekend files | Special elections | The dunces of the countryside | Libé + Summer | Summer Special | Retrospective 2010 | World | Company | Regions | Horizons | Economy | Culture | Sport | Foam of the day | Maintenance | Archives | Video | Expresso | In all Libé | Info | People | Editorial | Post Scriptum | Ticket | Rebounds | High-tech | Seen from here | Scalpel | Literary Chronicle | Ticket | Portrait | Day to day | Edito | On the spot | RETROSPECTIVE 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE ECO 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE USFP 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE SPORT 2020 | RETROSPECTIVE CULTURE 2020 | SOCIETY RETROSPECTIVE 2020 | WORLD RETROSPECTIVE 2020