The USFP believes that the Royal guidelines remind political, civil and economic actors of the priorities facing our country.

The Political Bureau of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces held its meeting immediately after the Royal Speech on the occasion of the opening of the 11th legislature, Friday October 8, 2021. The Political Bureau deliberated on the content of the Royal Speech in pointing out its importance because it is Her Majesty’s first speech at the end of the last elections and the formation of the new government in a context that we consider within the Socialist Union of Popular Forces to be of great importance in view of the country’s success in winning the challenge of organizing the elections in a situation that is far from easy and the election results reflected the collective intelligence of the Moroccans who expressed their aspiration to the renewal of the elected institutions throughout the possible rise amid international conditions marked by the persistence of the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic and by geost friction rategic, as much as what followed September 8, 2021, was alas a deviation of the spirit of the extraordinary popular will, in this case some negative aspects during the constitution of the councils which marred the desire of the Moroccans to erect the possibilities of an advanced political practice breaking with the quest for domination over elected institutions and the bypassing of pluralism by all means in order to serve particular purposes. Therefore, we believe that the opening speech of the autumn session reiterated the reminder of political, civil and economic actors to the priorities facing our country. In this regard, the Political Bureau was challenged by the important signals included in His Majesty’s speech which denote the Kingdom’s attachment to moving forward in the democratic process towards the desired horizon as a strategic choice which refers to the natural alternation in the management of public affairs, the essential not being the victory of this or that party since “all parties are equal for us”. The Political Bureau highlighted the reminder of His Majesty the King of the fact that the Sovereign establishes the same distance between himself and the political parties on an equal footing and his confirmation of the importance of the roles played by the opposition in the contribution to the success of this stage. In addition, the Political Bureau focused on the three scopes set by His Majesty with regard to the priorities of the stage, which consist in the safeguard of national sovereignty, the protection of national decision-making autonomy and the confrontation with the repercussions of the Covid 19 pandemic in an interaction with the promotion of the national economy and thirdly the optimal realization of the provisions of the new development model. The search for domination over the elected institutions by the new tripartite alliance requires us to defend pluralism as a political achievement of the Moroccan state and society, an achievement that has always been preserved, even over the years. lead These priorities require everyone to refer again to the concept of “unified Moroccan patriotism” as a globalizing base that can lead all actors from their different positions to patriotism which means solidarity, confidence and dedication in the service of the general interest, in other words, the consecration of the motto: Morocco first. The Political Bureau thus discussed the results of the last elections and the missions incumbent on us as the opposition after the formation of the government and expressed its satisfaction with the positive results achieved by our party compared to the previous elections, which highlights value the trying action carried out by the institution of the Political Bureau headed by the First Secretary of the party as well as the other partisan bodies and all the militants of the party. These are the results that we must work to consolidate through our continued activism alongside the honorabilities of the nation in order to convey the new stage with rigor and vigilance. In this regard, it should be noted that the search for domination over the elected institutions by the new tripartite alliance, which marked the elections of the territorial councils and that of the Chamber of Councilors, requires us to defend pluralism by as a political achievement of the Moroccan state and society, an achievement which has always been preserved, even during the years of lead. And if the new government fulfills the start of the implementation of the new economic model, we will not allow the issuance of decisions contrary to the spirit of this model because we consider that the government does not have a blank check. allowing him to pass whatever he desires under the cover of the NMD, the latter being a national common heritage which requires collective appropriation both on the part of the government majority and on the part of the opposition. We will tackle any attempt to deprive the institution of Parliament of its oversight and accountability missions or to weaken it under the guise of a numerical majority aimed at the incursion To this end, the USFP, from its position in the opposition, believes that it must put into practice its roles of supporting the beginnings of the effective realization of the provisions of this new model and that it will be committed to its most correct realization as well through the enhancement of any positive approach by offering everything that the party considers opportune but also by fighting relentlessly against all deviations, because we believe that the stage of the first departures is capital as regards the strategy of the implementation the most optimal. Thus, our fight against incursion, domination and attempts to minimize and weaken the roles of the opposition is the defense of the Constitution, pluralism and the new economic model, knowing that the success of this the latter is closely dependent on participatory, united and pluralist action. And it is impossible, in any case, to tolerate any decline in democracy or rights or any action aimed at imposing binding consensus outside the constancies and roles of the elected institutions, including the two Chambers of Parliament at the head, set by the Constitution. In this regard, the USFP affirms that it will continue to defend the constitutional institutions and their role. That is why we will tackle any attempt to strip the institution of Parliament of its oversight and accountability functions or to weaken it under the guise of a numerical majority aimed at incursion. The Socialist Union of Popular Forces, within the framework of its responsibility as a patriotic party, considers that the delicate nature of the stage requires it to build the foundations of a patriotic, strong, realistic, suggestive and participatory opposition in order to to support the transition phase towards a new development model with a good start. On the organizational level, the Political Bureau debated the organizational roadmap for the preparation of the 11th Party Congress and sectoral congresses as well as the call for the holding of the National Party Council session in order to set the date of the organization of the congress and to constitute the preparatory commission. The Political Bureau also highlighted the international initiative of Chabiba Ittihadie relating to the creation of the “Mena Latina” network with the presence of the leaderships of the Socialist International, of the European Socialist Youth and the formalization of its permanent headquarters in Morocco, which constitutes a great progression on the scene of the diplomatic action of the youth, particularly with regard to our national cause and the achievements made in recent years devoting a considerable place in youth concerts.