Unesco Executive Council: Morocco candidate for the period 2021-2025

Monday, October 11, 2021 at 10:01 PM Paris – Morocco will present its candidacy for the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco), for the period 2021-2025, and this on the occasion of the 41st session of the General Conference of Unesco scheduled for next November. The announcement was made Monday by the Permanent Ambassador-Delegate of the Kingdom to Unesco, Samir Addahre. “We hope that this candidacy can benefit from the support of the Member States of our Organization”, declared Mr. Addahre before the 212th Session of the Executive Council of Unesco which is being held until the 20th instant. The Executive Board is one of the three constitutional organs of Unesco, alongside the General Conference and the Secretariat. Acting under the authority of the General Conference, the Executive Board, made up of 58 Member States each elected for a four-year term, studies the work program of the Organization as well as the corresponding budget estimates submitted to it by the Director-General. “The Kingdom of Morocco reaffirms its deep attachment to the values ​​of Unesco and aspires to resolutely pursue its unwavering commitment to the values ​​and intellectual and moral foundations of this Organization”, underlined Mr. Addahre during the plenary debate of the 212th Session of the Executive Council of Unesco. “Morocco is committed to continuing to work, with self-sacrifice, to strengthen UNESCO’s action in order to contribute to the pursuit of the reforms initiated and to the strengthening of the positioning and the leadership role of our Organization on international scene, in its areas of expertise. In this context, the Kingdom of Morocco presents its candidacy for the Executive Board of UNESCO for the period 2021-2025, during the elections scheduled for the 41st session of the General Conference of UNESCO, next November. », He indicated. “Strengthening Unesco’s leadership in its fields of competence requires strong and permanent support from us. To carry out its multiple missions, the Organization needs to have sufficient human resources and adequate profiles required for the implementation of its multisectoral programs, ”said Mr. Addahre, who stressed that Morocco takes note of the implementation of the Human Resources Management Strategy for 2017-2022 and welcomes the decision to adopt an inclusive and consultative approach regarding the development of a new post-2022 strategy. Referring to the issue of education, vital sector for the future of our societies which has undergone over the past two years the greatest disruption that the world has known, especially during the first year of the pandemic when the situation was close to chaos, the Permanent Ambassador-Delegate of the Kingdom to Unesco underlined that “today it is obvious that we are leaving one world and that we are entering another. Consequently, the path to take from now on and the challenges to be taken up are necessarily part of this transition between two worlds ”. “The fourth industrial revolution, equality and solidarity in access to digital technology, the risks of virtual dropout, the quality of distance education, neural connections, as many subjects as the reflection on the future of ‘education must take into account,’ he said. He also welcomed the efforts of Member States and the Secretariat in the re-conceptualization and strengthening of Priority Africa within UNESCO which plans to allocate a total budget of $ 262 million corresponding to 24% of the whole integrated budget. After welcoming the many actions that Unesco undertakes for the benefit of the promotion of cultural and linguistic diversity, and for the preservation and protection of heritage, Mr. Addahre expressed the wish that a particular focus be made on the countries the least developed, insofar as access to culture is not always easy and cultural heritage is still threatened in various regions of the world. Regarding the illicit trafficking of cultural property, he affirmed that Morocco supports any action or initiative emanating from UNESCO or from Member States aimed at assisting countries in the safeguard and recovery of their heritage, and at prohibiting and preventing the import, export and transfer of illicit ownership of cultural property. In addition, he added, “the 2003 Convention victim of its success, in this regard, we welcome the process of global reflection on the registration mechanisms launched in 2018 to enable us to arrive at lists” geographically more representative, balanced and culturally diverse ”. He also welcomed the fact that UNESCO has resolutely taken the lead in the field of science by promoting the first global normative instrument on the ethics of artificial intelligence and initiated the recommendation on open science thus expressing the universal and inclusive inclusion in scientific progress. The Permanent Ambassador-Delegate of Morocco to Unesco did not fail to salute the spirit of the approach adopted by the Secretariat of the Organization concerning the strategic transformation, marked by inclusion, participation and transparency. . He also wished to sound the alarm about “the increasingly blatant politicization of our organization”, which constitutes “a real plague”. “By insisting on our deep respect for the sovereignty of the Member States, the importation into Unesco of diplomatic quarrels between Member States by making them a sounding board for the political positions of each other poses a serious danger to this noble organization by undermining its effectiveness. It leads us to make insignificant the message of peace and solidarity that we are required to send to the world through our common action on culture, education and communication as essential vectors of rapprochement between peoples ”, stated Mr. Addahre “I appeal to all of us to ensure that the ideal of building peace in the minds of people remains a tangible reality in these troubled times,” he said. Ambassador Addahre reiterated on this occasion Morocco’s “full support” for the candidacy of Mrs. Audrey Azoulay for a second term at the head of Unesco. “This support stems from our adherence to the concrete and reforming action of Ms. Azoulay and aims to enable her to carry out this mission for a greater influence of Unesco”, he affirmed.