Morocco: The vaccine pass for a quick return to normal life

The role of the vaccination pass is to allow the overwhelming majority of Moroccans who are vaccinated, to resume an almost normal life, while awaiting broader collective immunity and the end of the Covid19 pandemic, said Dr Tayeb Hamdi, medical researcher. in health policies and systems. The vaccination pass also helps protect the unvaccinated themselves, their entourage and the general population from the risk they represent, explained Dr. Hamdi in an analysis. “An unvaccinated person is 11 times more likely to die, and 10 times more of a severe form of COVID 19, and spreads the virus much more than if they were vaccinated. Studies have shown that out of 100 deaths from COVID, 99.5% are unvaccinated, ”he detailed. The researcher in health policies and systems wished to recall, in this context, that the Kingdom has made – with great success – enormous sacrifices and efforts to best curb the pandemic and have vaccines available in a timely manner and in sufficient quantities. He made them freely available to the population ”. He said more than 4 in 5 adults are already vaccinated. The vaccination of 12-17 year olds is progressing rapidly, the third dose is also advancing. Dr Hamdi considered it “absurd” to leave the entire population under the constraints of restrictive measures, while waiting for the end of the pandemic. According to him, the logical alternative would be to alleviate and even remove certain measures for the vaccinated population, which would allow a return to an almost normal life for more than 30 million Moroccans, while waiting for the others to join them. The introduction of the vaccine pass also encourages hesitant or negligent people to make the right decision, he said. The response strategy is based on minimizing the risk of spreading the virus and severe cases, given the impossibility of eliminating the virus. The vaccination pass largely contributes to this reduction, underlines Dr Hamdi, adding that the vaccination pass could constitute a step towards the almost total lifting of the restrictions under certain conditions, including a higher vaccination coverage of the general population, an advanced control of the situation. epidemic and broad compliance with health recommendations on the part of the population. In the meantime, vaccination, in the absence of effective treatments, “remains our only hope and tool to continue improving the epidemiological situation, the drop in new cases of CODID 19, the number of hospitalizations and admissions. in intensive care, and death. It is also a bulwark against the possible next waves “, he maintained, assuring that the acceleration of the vaccination is” our surest and shortest way towards a resumption of normal life with more freedoms. , social, economic and educational activities ”.