The UN Security Council resolution on the Sahara is in perfect harmony with the Moroccan vision (analyst)

Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 1:21 pm Rabat – The UN Security Council resolution on the Sahara is, in several respects, in perfect harmony with the vision of the Kingdom and of its sovereignty over its southern provinces, a underlined the president of the Atlas Center for analysis of political and institutional indicators, Mohamed Bouden. Speaking on the program “Guest of the evening” of the continuous news channel of MAP M24, the political scientist indicated that this UN resolution comes in the wake of three fundamental stages, in this case the liberation of the passage of El Guergarat, the American recognition of the full sovereignty of Morocco over its Sahara, and the opening of several consulates in the southern provinces. He noted that the last resolution constitutes an extension of UN resolutions aimed at finding a lasting solution to the artificial dispute around the Moroccan Sahara, through the round table and the adhesion of all parties, including Algeria. Mr. Bouden maintained that the obsolete theses conveyed by Algiers and its puppet creature have fallen into oblivion at the legal, political and UN levels, because the UN and the Security Council have realized the uselessness of these theses in the corpus of UN resolutions. The UN Security Council adopted resolution 2602 on Friday, which extends MINURSO’s mandate for one year. In this text, the executive body of the United Nations has once again established the preeminence of the autonomy initiative, presented by Morocco on April 11, 2007, welcoming the “serious and credible” efforts of the Kingdom, reflected in the Moroccan proposal.