Obligation of the Vaccine Pass: When the police manage demonstrations and point out external destabilization operations?

Hammou Hassan Anyone who takes care to think and observe a little attentively the banners and slogans brandished this Sunday, which were chanted during the protests that took place that day in several Moroccan cities, comes across this observation: Political claims and ideologies were more strongly present than slogans rejecting compulsory vaccination against the deadly pandemic. In other words, the politicization of appeals and demands was overt and garish. We were, in fact, far from the sanitary character. It is even said that elements foreign to the medical protest had infiltrated there with the objective of sowing disorder, inciting violence and destabilization. It will also be recalled that those who follow the dynamics of these protests can clearly see the horizons of this exit, which was not motivated by their desire to reject compulsory vaccination or to oppose the vaccination operation itself, but to recover the anti-vaccine movement for political ends. Morocco has succeeded in having all its citizens who are associated with this salutary operation vaccinated free of charge. He began to circulate the third dose, not without success as evidenced by the considerable influx of applicants. An issue that places Morocco among the most powerful in the world in this area, unlike the neighbor who still fears the third setback of the epidemic, at a time when Morocco is already starting to think about the fourth dose of vaccination . In practice, the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee have confirmed that vaccination and the Vaccine Pass do not pose major health and social problems, given that the vast majority of Moroccans have obtained their vaccine free of charge and wear their own. Pass without any serious public health disturbance. In addition, it was said that the vaccine Pass will help ease the economic and social situation in Morocco, because life, as well as the economy will resume their normal course, whether it is structured or not. So why protest against vaccination and the obligation of the Vaccine Pass in Morocco? Why denigrate a precious service whose terms have been organized by the State and the doses offered? Knowing that almost all the countries of the world consider that vaccination is the only solution to face the health pandemic, and that almost all have adopted the vaccination passport to manage travel and avoid the spread of the pandemic, why this reluctance and these demagogic campaigns? In addition, Morocco has achieved impressive success based on the testimonies of the WHO (World Health Organization) in providing free vaccination. In addition, the first thing that the reader finds in the communication platforms are the “campaigns of provocation and sedition against the government and the public authorities”, in the face of the success of this national campaign. In reacting to this subject, an informed security source explained that, “informational vigilance on the Internet has noted, in recent days, several calls that encourage participants to stand up to the police”, explaining to them how to simulate discomfort. and provoke the security forces, and record their reactions. Indeed, some WhatsApp subscribed groups asked the demonstrators “to accompany their minor children and their elderly parents in order to use them as human shields to prevent any security intervention”. In the same context, the same source indicates that security imperatives imposed strict monitoring of many tweets published from recently created accounts, issued from outside Morocco, which attempted to promote a scenario similar to that of Syria. , marked by chaos and social unrest, trying to incite some demonstrators to commit riots on the sidelines of these protests. Thus the hand of foreigners and environments hostile to the Kingdom is it all the more obvious that it comes from neighboring countries whose services are quick to foment plots and destabilization operations.