Presentation in Cairo of the draft Arab plan for human rights education

The joint meeting of the group of governmental experts concerned by the Arab plan for human rights education and the Arab plan for the strengthening of the culture of human rights, which began its work, Monday in Cairo , saw the presentation of the draft “Arab plan for education in the field of human rights” prepared by Morocco, at the request of the Arab League. During this meeting, Moulay El-Mokhtar Mouaamou, head of the human rights promotion division within the ministerial delegation in charge of human rights, outlined the main lines of this plan, specifying that it aims to improve knowledge of the international normative framework adopted in the field of human rights education, to promote human rights education and culture, and to strengthen the capacities of the actors concerned in this regard. domain (teachers, professors, employees, media…). He added that the plan also aims to adopt a comprehensive strategy for teaching in the field of human rights, for the benefit of professionals in the education system, and to establish mechanisms and means to integrate human rights. of Man in training and extension programs. He underlined that the Kingdom of Morocco considers that the draft integrated plan must be based on a certain number of pillars, which he summarized in the evaluation of the previous phase (2009-2014) to know the weaknesses to overcome them and the strengths to strengthen and consolidate them further, the establishment of a system of good governance, and the preparation of work programs to implement the plan at the level of the Member States. Mr. Mouaamou continued that the approach based on strategic planning was invoked during the preparation of the plan, proposing a project structuring through three axes which are summed up in the strengthening of education in the field of human rights. ‘Man in the spaces of education, training and social structures, as well as training, capacity building and social mobilization. He urged States Parties to prepare action plans to implement this plan and establish a clear monitoring and evaluation system, noting that this initiative reflects an Arab ambition and a forward-looking vision to achieve lofty goals to even to strengthen the culture of human rights, its promotion and protection. He recalled that the Arab countries are part of the global system and the international community, which obliges them to interact with all international initiatives and charters that insist on the protection and education of human rights and the dissemination of their concepts. For three days, the participants in this meeting will review the draft plan with a view to its submission in its final form to the Permanent Arab Commission for Human Rights (PAHRC), an organ of the League Council specializing in human rights in the Arab world.