The last vestiges of the sugar industry in the world are in Essaouira

“It is only in Morocco, in Essaouira, that the most emblematic and most complete vestiges of the birth of the pre-industrial and industrial cycles of the cultivation and production of sugar in the world are now visible”, declared , Monday, Mr. André Azoulay, Advisor to His Majesty the King and President-Founder of the Esaouira-Mogador Association. Saluting “the expertise, generosity and voluntarism” of a team of French scientists (Messrs. André Bonnal, Gilles Texier and Edouard Pottier), living in Essaouira and who have for years worked on this “souiri legacy” of the Saadian period, the Advisor to HM the King highlighted “the exceptional quality and size of the remains of the Ida Ougard sugar refinery, impressive remains and bearing the seal of Ahmed El Mansour Eddahbi who had chosen to make Morocco one of the leading countries in the world of sugar production at that time “. → Read also: Moroccan diversity at the heart of the Humanities under debate in Essaouira (André Azoulay) After the eradication everywhere else, from the Iberian peninsula to Latin America, of all physical traces of this industry, the Saadian sugar factory in Essaouira is now “the unique site in the world of an agro-food and industrial sector which had known its golden age in the 16th century”, underlined Mr. Azoulay, who spoke during a day of consultation, in the Cité des Alizés, on the enhancement of this site, organized by “Essaouira Innovation LAB”, in the presence of the governor of the province, Adil El Maliki and an audience of experts and actors from various horizons. “It will be another space, another testimony to add to the very rich palette of the heritage repertoire of Essaouira on the way to becoming an essential reference space for an exhaustive reading of the history of humanity since the period of Homo -Sapiens with the discovery of the cave of Bizmoune, dating back 150,000 years which has not finished delivering its treasures and its teachings to us, ”concluded the Counselor of His Majesty the King. (With MAP)