Sahara: Morocco has made “major” diplomatic advances

Morocco has made major diplomatic advances in the Moroccan Sahara issue, Charles Saint-Prot said Thursday in Dakhla, the director general of the Observatory of Geopolitical Studies (OEG), based in Paris. “Major diplomatic advances have been made by Morocco in recent years, in this case the adoption of increasingly precise UN resolutions in favor of the Moroccan autonomy plan, the increasingly constant condemnation of the activities of the separatists and, finally, the multiplication of consular openings in the southern provinces ”, he told MAP on the sidelines of the 1st MD Sahara Forum which opened on Thursday in Dakhla, at the initiative of the Media group“ Diplomatic Morocco ”. It is therefore necessary, he argued, to take the full measure of the growing international recognition of the legitimacy of the Moroccan autonomy initiative as a “realistic” and “lasting” solution to this artificial conflict which “poisons”. international relations for 45 years. According to him, support for the Moroccan autonomy proposal is the position of the main international powers, all of whom insist that the resolution of this issue goes “naturally” through the adoption of the autonomy plan, whose character ” serious, realistic and credible ”no longer needs to be demonstrated. In addition, continued the expert in geopolitics, the resolutions of the UNO underline “regularly” the credibility of the Moroccan plan to solve the conflict around the Moroccan Sahara. → Read also: 1st edition of the MD – Sahara Forum: speech by Mr. Methqal, Ambassador Director General of AMCI In addition, separatist activism is condemned by the United Nations, whose Secretary General and several resolutions blame the posturing of the polisario at the level of El Guergarate, he stressed. In his report, the UN SG affirmed that Minurso observers were able to observe that armed elements of the Polisario were present in El Guergarate in October and November 2020, thus defeating the futile attempts of the separatists and the Algeria to conceal this truth, further observed the international expert. Mr. Saint-Prot then noted that the Polisario, destabilized by its many setbacks at the United Nations, in particular the recent Security Council resolution, opted for the terrorist option to continue its crusade against Morocco. Finally, he concluded, the opening of consulates of several countries in the southern provinces of Morocco constitutes an “indisputable success” for Moroccan diplomacy. The work of the first edition of the MD Sahara forum is held under the theme “the southern provinces: major diplomatic openings and new development paths”. This annual event aims to bring together prestigious speakers, officials, decision-makers, analysts and experts in the presence of a relevant audience, around themes essentially relating to the development of the southern provinces and their role as African hub and door to the world, according to organizers. With Map