IRES: The police force is 310 per 100,000 inhabitants

Military spending represents 3.4% of GDP during the period 2012-2020 The Royal Institute for Strategic Studies (IRES) has just published its strategic dashboard which gives an overview of Morocco’s position at the international level in political fields , economic, social, cultural and environmental. This new edition differs from the previous ones by the integration of new strategic indicators, linked, in particular, to global security, environmental performance, the quality of digital life and the fight against money laundering as well. as indicators relating to the Covid-19 pandemic. In terms of internal security, the report mentions that the number of police officers has increased significantly. Thus, the number of police officers per 100,000 inhabitants rose from 147 in 2003 to 310 in 2020. IRES believes that the strengthening of human capital in the security sector should continue to face the evolution of crime in all its aspects. forms and to arm themselves against terrorist threats. On the other hand, the prison population continues to increase. The number of people detained per 100,000 inhabitants rose from 183 in 2003 to 233 in 2020. And yet, the situation is improving with the implementation of alternative sanctions in order to relieve prison congestion. As for the rate of intentional homicides, we note an improvement in the international ranking of Morocco under this index, reflecting, among other things, the effectiveness of preventive actions by the police in the fight against crime. Thus, Morocco went from 30th place out of 84 countries in 2003 to 39th place out of 140 countries in 2018. Regarding overall security, the report indicates that Morocco has improved in terms of the overall terrorism index. The Kingdom has thus moved from 132nd place in 2018 to 102nd place in 2020. Morocco thus appears in the category of countries least affected by terrorism. IRES points out, however, that the Kingdom, “which in the recent past was part of the countries without terrorist impact, has been, since 2019, in the category of countries with very low impact”. Regarding the “World’s safest countries” index, Morocco is in the top 30 of the safest countries in the world and it is considered, in 2021, to be the safest African country. Its positioning under this index has improved significantly, between 2019 and 2021, from 45th place to 24th place. In terms of defense, military spending represents 3.4% of GDP during the period 2012-2020. This spending is motivated by the need to modernize and strengthen the Kingdom’s military capabilities and to defend its territorial integrity. Arms imports increased with an amount that rose from $ 125 million in 2000 to $ 376 million in 2020. Social Progress Index: Relatively stable international position Regarding the prosperity and welfare index. Being, IRES notes that Morocco’s positioning in terms of prosperity and well-being needs to be greatly improved, due to the insufficient performance currently displayed in terms of social capital, education and governance. The Kingdom occupies the 96th place in 2020 while it was ranked at the 62nd place in 2009. In terms of the social progress index, we note a relatively stable international positioning of Morocco, between 2013 and 2020, under this index that classifies countries into six categories based on their social progress. Morocco belongs to the 4th category which includes countries characterized by their poor performance in the fields of advanced education and social inclusion. Regarding the world index of social mobility, IRES notes that “the social elevator in Morocco has broken down”. Morocco is one of the last countries in the ranking for this index. In 2020, it occupies 73rd place out of 82 countries. Regarding the index of children’s rights, Morocco has made significant progress by ranking 66th position in 2021 while it occupied 81st place in 2013. Finally, concerning the global index of children. happiness, IRES reports a decline in Morocco’s international positioning under this index. The Kingdom thus went from 99th place in 2010 to 106th place in 2021. This situation is mainly explained by the Covid-19 crisis and its repercussions on the well-being of citizens (restriction of travel, mental health, unemployment ,…). Education: Still high disparities between urban and rural areas According to the report, Morocco is among the countries with an acceptable rate of supervision in primary education with 27 students per teacher. However, the high disparities which characterize this ratio are observed between urban and rural areas as well as between the public and private education system. A generalization of schooling should be noted at the level of primary education. That said, this massification of education hides shortcomings in terms of quality. It should be noted that the net enrollment rate in primary education reached 99.5% in 2020. A notable improvement is to be noted concerning the net enrollment rate in college secondary education, which rose from 24% in 1998 to 92.8% in 2020. Health: Less than 10 beds per 10,000 inhabitants in hospitals In terms of health, the report indicates that access to health services is far from being generalized and that it remains conditioned by the level of solvency of households, which still bear more than half of total health expenditure. The medical and paramedical supervision in Morocco (16 per 10,000 inhabitants including 7 doctors and 9 nurses) remains below the critical threshold set by the WHO (25 per 10,000 inhabitants). In terms of bedding density, the sector is facing a continuous decline in the number of hospital beds. The number of hospital beds per 10,000 inhabitants rose from 10.9 in 1990 to 9.95 in 2020. “The current supply remains out of phase with rapidly growing demand, linked to demographic growth and especially with the policy of extending medical coverage, ”notes the Institute. Finally, it should be noted that Morocco has a very favorable international positioning in terms of the indicators inherent in vaccination against Covid-19.