Driss Lachguar meets with members of the Socialist Group in the House of Councilors

USFP First Secretary Driss Lachguar met with members of the Socialist Group of the House of Councilors on Monday. During this meeting which took place within Parliament and where various political and social issues were debated, the First Secretary stressed the need for the Socialist Group to defend the just causes of Moroccan citizens in all areas, in particular on the social and economic levels and that of individual freedoms. He also highlighted the important role of Ittihadis advisers in the defense of the legislative institution, its roles and its independence. During this meeting, the president of the Socialist Group, Youssef Aidi, presented the many initiatives of the Group and raised the various problems faced by Ittihadis advisers in the exercise of their functions. He also spoke of the methods capable of improving the quality of work in order to consolidate the roles of the party, the Socialist Group and the FDT in the opposition. The members of the Socialist Group of the Second Chamber also expressed their strong mobilization for the application of the party’s vision and to be at the service of the voters who placed their trust in them. They also expressed their entire predisposition to ensure the success of the work of the 11th National Congress and their total support for the various commissions resulting from the preparatory commission. Finally, let us recall that on the sidelines of this meeting, the First Secretary paid a courtesy visit to the President of the Chamber of Advisors, Naam Miyara.