Olive growing: The Al Moutmir initiative achieves its objectives in Chefchaouen

Among the various platforms of the Al Moutmir initiative, carried out in different regions of Morocco, that of the Chefchaouen region represents another successful example of coordination between the entire agricultural ecosystem to improve local productions. Since the launch of the Al Moutmir initiative, the demonstration platforms have been co-constructed and carried out in partnership with the agricultural ecosystem and in particular the scientific ecosystem. The latter are an important component of the OCP support system for farmers across the agricultural regions of Morocco. The platforms are installed in the fields of volunteer farmers and demonstrate the considerable impact of the adoption of best agricultural practices on the yield and quality of agricultural production, the income generated as well as on the rational consumption of fertilizers. Note that more than 13,500 demonstration platforms have been set up in different provinces since the launch of the Al Moutmir program. The Chefchaouen demonstration platform, intended for olive cultivation, thus welcomed, last Friday and Saturday in the town of Laghdir, trainers and farmers as part of training sessions (field school) on the same culture. Haj Jamâa Dayem, State Engineer in Agriculture and responsible for the OCP-Al Moutmir platform in Chefchaouen, indicated on the occasion that the support provided to farmers in the region had a very positive impact on the production of ‘olive. “In these mountainous regions, farmers face a lot of challenges, including the climate and the nature of the farmland. We have therefore made the choice to support these farmers in their own environments. On the basis of research and innovation, we offer them adapted solutions to improve production, whether in terms of quality or quantity, while respecting the environment, ”he explained. He also notes that this region has more than 100 Al Moutmir platforms. “In addition to supporting farmers, we invite student technicians in agriculture to come and follow agricultural techniques in practice. Here, we welcomed students from the Ben Mkirech school in Tetouan. They followed the olive picking techniques with us, ”explained the manager. And to note that this support has enabled farmers to improve their production and increase their profits. “The farmers on this platform produce more than 3 tonnes per hectare, which is three times the typical production and twice the average for the region”, he welcomes, indicating the need for the involvement of farmers in Al Moutmir initiatives to achieve the objectives of sustainable agriculture.