PPS: The debate on the Nabil Benabdallah succession relaunched, in parallel with the preparations for the 11th congress

The Party of Progress and Socialism, even if it has not yet set the date for the holding of its next national congress, has just scheduled a meeting of its central committee for next month in order to examine the documents and procedures in preparation for this crucial meeting. At the same time, the debate on the Nabil Benabdallah succession is relaunched. The latter declares that he wants to leave, but not before putting his party on the right track. The young activist who gradually climbed the ranks of the various party authorities since 1985, managed to lead the Party for Progress and Socialism (PPS) for three terms. And it is he himself who oversees, through his responsibilities at the head of the party, the preparation of the 11th national congress of this former political organization whose origins of creation date back to 1943. It is from Nabil Benabdallah that This is who has been in charge of the PPS since 2010, after having succeeded Moulay Ismaïl Alaoui (1997-2010) who in turn succeeded the founder of the party, Ali Yata (1945-1997). Suddenly, on the eve of the 11th congress of this socialist political party in opposition, the main question that arises is whether this veteran, who has led the PPS for more than a decade, will run again or if it will leave the way open to new faces. It must be said that this question is not new, since it had already been on the agenda of the 10th congress and had even led PPS activists to bring legal action against Nabil Benabdallah, contesting his right to re-election. for a third term. At the last meeting of its political bureau, the party decided to dedicate the next meeting of its central committee (the highest decision-making body after the congress), scheduled for June 18, to discuss exclusively the mechanisms and projects related to the 11th national convention. Currently, debates are continuing internally with a view to holding the party conclaves that started in February. “The PPS will hold its congress when it is ready to hold it. The next direction will be able to carry the identity and the project of the PPS”, declared the secretary general during his passage, a few days ago, in the program Info en Face. On this occasion, he did not deny that the question of the succession at the head of the PPS remained open. However, according to him, there is a tendency which wants, according to his approach, that there is absolutely a change by finding a person who ensures the succession. “At the same time, there is another approach, of which I am a supporter, which says that it is first necessary to specify what direction the PPS will take, what is the identity that it is a question of preserving, what is its project future? Let’s first determine and define this collectively, so that the next direction, personally and collectively, can carry this project. At that time, we will see which are the name or names that can carry this project. This is what we are doing in the context of an internal discussion in a serene way. Then we’ll see. What I can say is that personally I lack a bit of energy after three terms. I’m starting to say to myself: ‘enough, I’m only a human being,’” he said. But Mr. Benabdallah still says that many people within the party are asking him to stay. “That’s what this discussion is about. I prefer to stop and go, but I also have to ensure that there is a deep renewal taking place and a peaceful succession. Now, I’m told that until it’s guaranteed, you will have to personally play a role in moving in this direction, “he explains, adding that he is caught between a rock and a hard place. , not knowing yet what will be the final decision of the party. Nabil Benabdallah thus gives the image of the leader who wants to retire from politics, but who is, at the same time, animated by the spirit of responsibility. “I’m responsible and I have to consider that I can’t quit my job, throw the keys away and tell them ‘get it done’. The responsibility requires me to be part of this process and to see what and when it will lead, ”he confirms.